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Arna Falco craft deliciously indulgent chocolate dragées using carefully selected plant-based ingredients. Arna Falco was born from a passionate belief that when formulated properly, dairy-free chocolate can delight the senses with true dairy-like creaminess and mouthfeel. Everyone, regardless of dietary choices, deserves to savour great tasting chocolate.

Arna Falco’s mission is to craft luxurious plant-based chocolate that not only excites the palate but also nurtures a happier, more sustainable planet.

A special gift

With Arna Falco products tribute is paid to the artisans that came before, carrying forward a dedication to detail and a commitment to quality. 

Delicious products deserve beautiful designs. In crafting the distinctive patterns on Arna Falco's decorative collectable tins, inspiration was taken from Valencia’s architectural heritage, drawing from the intricate patterns of the tiles that adorn its buildings. 

So whatever the occasion, a heartfelt thank you, a birthday, dinner party or as a special treat for oneself, Arna Falco will surely delight. 

Natural Vanilla Pod


At Arna Falco, we believe that exceptional quality begins with sourcing the finest ingredients. We work closely with our global network of suppliers to ensure that all of our ingredients are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced. From the almond groves of Spain to the cacao plantations of Ghana, we carefully select each ingredient to ensure that our chocolates are not only delicious, but also a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. With every bite, you can taste the care and passion that goes into each one of our creations.

Copper pan with chocolate sauce

Innovation in formulation


Arna Falco adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship to create chocolate that’s truly exceptional. No effort is spared in sourcing the finest ingredients. Arna Falco’s chocolate is made using tigernut milk, a sweet beverage made from a tuber-like grassroot sourced solely from local farms. Valencia’s little secret, tigernut was once an unlikely ingredient in the production of plant-based milk chocolate until Arna Falco pioneered innovative, cutting-edge techniques that enabled the gentle blending and roasting of tigernut milk and cocoa together to create an unrivalled award winning chocolate.

Gold Moth Arna Falco Embelm

Delicious products deserve beautiful designs.

Packaging you will want to keep. 

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We are delighted to announce that all three of our products each took home a 2023 Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste Award! For more news sign up below.

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